Thursday, October 7, 2010


This was supposed to be a pretty meaningful and depth-filled entry, but my brain is just too scattered! (perhaps due to the heavy fat/starchy diet I've been consuming of late, and also the reduction in sleep, water, and veggies, all very bad things to do to one's body, in addition to a practically complete removal of any type of exercise from my schedule)

And yes I will be changing that lifestyle very soon. But have been very busy lately and cannot resist the mac and cheese they serve at the student center...

So this week's thoughts will be a collection of random things that have gone through my brain in the past few days.

on Men: do we (ladies) like to be with a rebel so we can know that we are the ones that tamed him? And if this is true, can it be justified by attributing it to subconscious behaviors? Or are we more drawn by the fact that he wanted to leave his rebel ways to be with us? It used to be Prince Charming who won the heart of the princess... Or perhaps that was just what his administration wanted the history books to say. Is the opposite true?

on Hipsters and scenesters: they always have the coolest sunglasses. I don't know if I could be called a true hipster for various reasons, but I do appreciate some of the fashion stylings brought to the alternative mainstream by hipster fashionistas. This includes urban outfitters. Sometimes due to the volume of hipsters the styles can seem monotonous but this is because you are zoomed out to the 10,000 ft above sea level altitude. you need to come down to the 10 or maybe 7 foot level so you can appreciate homemade embellished (bedazzled) sweaters and tattoo-style t-shirts with inked angel wings. and chucks. i also appreciate the indie-green attitude that is added to lifestyles. recycled art, community unity building through art walks and festivals, and indie-rock Haiti benefit concerts.

on Friendships: there is a line between an enabling friendship and sacrificing for a friend vs being a stand-in mother. i think the change must begin with you, and not forced on you by someone who is trying to help... But if you do wish to change and make steps toward that, a true friend will be there to pick you up when you fall and keep urging you to make and reach your goals.

on Fall: My favorite season. I miss having 4 seasons around for this one. :) loved raking leaves w/ my family on a sunny sunday afternoon, love the cooling weather after a hot summer, and love the idea of getting back in the grind after a little relaxed time at work/school. something I CAN still enjoy south of the mason-dixon line, however, is the myriad of pumpkin-flavored cookies, muffins, coffee, beers, breads, etc. that become available right about now. WIN!

on Angry Birds:

also one more thing: my sister passed the bar! (yay for her!)

Random stuff for you to check out:

Pandora: Ratatat Radio
YouTube: Explosions in the Sky "Waking up after coma"

She is here tonight. But i waited too long and it sold out. So we will commence instead. :)


  1. sorry about angry birds.

    do you consider me part hipster? if not, what am i?

    love your blog. gonna read more.

  2. part hipster,
    part peaceful revolutionary.
    perhaps all of both.