Monday, October 11, 2010

A Little Love on Monday

I forgot today is a federal holiday. No wonder there wasn't too much traffic ! :) Does this mean I don't have to be here? * looks around * Well it is Columbus Day, and oddly enough he did spend some time in a ship on the open seas. So perhaps this week's poem is fitting.

Permit Me Voyage
by James Agee

From the Third Voyage of Hart Crane
Take these who will as may be: I
Am careless now of what they fail:
My heart and mind discharted lie
And surely as the nerved nail
Appoints all quarters on the north
So now it designates him forth
My sovereign God my princely soul
Whereon my flesh is priestly stole:
Whence forth shall my heart and mind
To God through soul entirely bow,
Therein such strong increase to find
In truth as is my fate to know:
Small though that be great God I know
I know in this gigantic day
What God is ruined and I know
How labors with Godhead this day:
How from the porches of our sky
The crested glory is declined:
And hear with what translated cry
The stridden soul is overshined:
And how this world of wildness through
True poets shall walk who herald you:
Of whom God grant me of your grace
To be, that shall preserve this race.
Permit me voyage, Love, into your hands.

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