Thursday, October 6, 2011

20 Years in Review

I've been gone for a bit but I am back now. maybe. Got this fun survey from Caron.

20 years ago I . . .
1. was in 3rd grade
2. wrote a 6 verse song about the Chronicles of Narnia
3. may or may not have helped start a no-boys-allowed club that met every day at recess

15 years ago I...
1. read books all the time for fun
2. was on the swim team at the YMCA
3. quit taking piano lessons

10 years ago I . . .
1. joined the judo club
2. met one of my really good friends Dan!
3. always loved wearing this shirt i had that said "me so thorny!" and had a little hedgehog on the front

5 years ago I . . .
1. got dumped and decided to stay in GA for my ph.d.
2. was just starting to play open mics in Atlanta

3 years ago I . . .
1. passed my qualifying exams on the second try

2 years ago I . . .
1. played a mini-tour in Seoul

1 year ago I . . .
1. met Imogen Heap

So far this year I . . .
1. went to my 10 yr high school reunion
2. defended my ph.d. research

1 week ago I . . .
1. cooked for my housemates
2. ate a lot of airheads candy things

Yesterday I . . .
1. watched Shaolin Soccer for the first time
2. got to be around lil kids
3. cooked dinner for the bf

Today . . .
1. edited my thesis
2. hopefully will get to paint a little bit! most of the day has been spent on the first item

Tomorrow I will . . .
1. shower!

In the next year I will . . .
1. start a real job
2. go to europe finally :)
3. get a doggy

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The Ironic Item of the Day:

No, not the fact that there is major renovation going on down the hall and we have been hearing this all day.

It is actually the fact that I can send emails to everyone everywhere, on the internet, except one of the professors in my department from whom I need to get to join my committee so I can defend and therefore graduate and therefore not get in trouble with my scholarship sponsors and therefore move on with my life.


In other happier news:

Monday, May 23, 2011

30 Songs in 30 Days: Song # 30

30 Songs in 30 Days: Day 30 - Your Favorite Song at This Time Last Year
"Summertime" - MB

Yay more girlypopacoustic.

This is the end of the 30.. NOW what will I do when I need a break from my werk??!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

30 Songs in 30 Days: Song # 29

30 Songs in 30 Days: Day 29 - A Song From Your Childhood
"Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"

those are the lyrics...
i used to know how to sing it in Spanish too!

Friday, May 20, 2011

30 Songs in 30 Days: Song # 28

30 Songs in 30 Days: Day 28 - A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty
"They" - Jem

sometimes I wish I would have continued breakin.
i could have been a lot better by now!
take it away bboys


Thursday, May 19, 2011

30 Songs in 30 Days: Song # 27

30 Songs in 30 Days: Day 27 - A Song That You Wish You Could Play
"Sonata Pathetique" - Ludwig van Beethoven

First Movement:

Second Movement:

Third Movement:

I have tried to learn this many times and have never finished.
Beethoven was a genius.