Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

1. Graduate. !!!!
Many corollaries to this.

2. Lead outdoor 5.11s
2.a. Corollary: Climb a lot.

3. Travel. A Lot.
3.a. Corollary: Renew Passport.

Happy 2011! Only one more year until... Dun DUn DUNNNNNNN
Zombies! or worse!

And since I probably won't be posting anything this Friday because I'll either be doing one of the corollaries to #1, or something in the vein of 2.a., the Friday Foto is H3R3!!!

Happy New Year :D
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mondoetry: This Body

if i didn't have this body
would you still have talked to me
and poured out your life story

if i didn't have this body
would you still have tried as hard
to get into my life

would you still have said those things
about wanting me to be your wife

if i didn't have this body
would you still misinterpret my big heart
as an open invitation
to take advantage of

if i didn't have this body
would you still make all these offers
open doors
and lay down carpet
just for the time that i would walk it?

if i didn't have this body
would my actions still represent
a seeming desperate hot mess
or someone who just wants to be your friend

if i didn't have this body
would you still hold me at arm's length
because you think a beautiful woman
is not to be trusted?

if i didn't have this body
would you still



Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Foto: Banksy, on Americans, on the World

HmmmMMmmmm...there is so much more of his work out there, I might have to do a second themed photo post.

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!
I get to go back up north next week, so i'm excited to see my family but maybe not so much for the cold...but kind of excited to see some snow again. :) x

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tuesday's Child

i saw white drifts
dance across the street
in your hair in your face
it cut knife deep

i heard birds sing
out of thin air
in my head in this space
they were everywhere

i felt warm orange
drift beneath the sky
above the clouds beneath my feet
but no answers to my cry

to tuesday

but i think i have to try

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

this is how the story goes...

Something cool before I go off on my expoundatoryness. Amazing street art.check it.

Do you ever get into the right mind set to get something done? Maybe at first you have some other things going on, obligations, involvitations, completitions (seriously, i saw that "word" in an academic paper/website I was going through for my research. my thought... "...really?!" /end aside), or even hobbies and leisure activities.

These days it's easy to have a lot of hobbies. High definition photography is enabled for the common man via high- or mid- but sub-pro level DSLR cameras. Youtube videos teach us how to DJ, how to put on our makeup, how to make tables, chairs, play the guitar, and probably a lot of other things that I'm forgetting. And if it's not on youtube, there's a DIY tutorial or magazine article available for you to read. Case. In. Point. Oh wait i forgot to mention breakdancing, a must-know in the A-tee-ell.

When I was a little beh-beh, maybe toddler/youngster-ish. . . apparently (I have no recollection of this) I used to try so hard to stay awake as long as I could if my parents had friends over, in case of missing some excitement that might occur if I were to fall asleep. Because everyone knows my parents were such party animals...

So I don't think that's changed much. In my little corner of life I have opportunities to be involved in the artistic community, entertainment and music industry, and as with living in a bigger city, more opportunities to be involved with charity and urban outreach programs and ministries. Additionally, I love being with others who are walking in a similar faith journey as I am, to learn from them, encourage, and be encouraged by them. Oh wait, on top of that, I ALSO forgot to mention the whole trying-to-graduate thing. And a recent obsession with rock climbing. And I have people to keep in touch with even here in town. And i'm not doing a very good job at that...

Let's return to the initial topic. From this past summer up until now, starting with the Imogen Heap blessing and opening opp, I have been noticing the high level of focus and perseverance that others have in their own areas of awesomeness/expertise. The drummer who's been playing with us of late is just such an example of how much hard work can pay off over time. It may be a slow start or a difficult initial hill to get over but as one grows in their skill new doors and plains open up.

I began to look at my own life. What do I want to do or be doing, or have done ten years from now? I made a 5 year plan five years ago, but now that time has come and gone, and I haven't made another plan for the next five. I'm just going to say it. I lack focus. And I've got my foot in far too many things. I made a list of everything I'm doing. It was way too long. (twss?) Probably half of the items were things that are ending in the next few weeks. After that? Will I keep taking on temporary projects that don't get me closer to my goals for the next five years of my life?

I want to learn more languages.
I want to expand my artistic and musical talent.
Where do I want to go? And how far do I plan to go?

In my mind I need to answer these questions but this diploma is keeping me from being able to think about them seriously. That in itself is giving me a lot of motivation and drive to finish this thing and move on with my life. The students I started with are beginning to defend and graduate. And my process is beginning to come together. I think it will be like a giant snowball rolling down a snowy mountain.

I'm starting to care less about missing out on things I think I might be missing out on and more intentional about doing the things I need to or want to. I feel like some action is needed on this, but I'm not sure in what areas yet, or to what extent. There's always the hermit option, which gets the job done but is never good for social life or skin tone. I'll keep you guys posted on this. :/ But for now I gotta get a little more work done before I jet off today.

And if you didn't see it yet... I've been dabbling in levitation photography lately. It's Soooper fun!
Saturday Suspension

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

bright lights

bright lights bright lights
you say
it's not a sight too unseen
in these parts
the trio you belong
that gets the sound out
until the daylight comes

confused you seem not
too detached
from the way i walk
square circles
floating on the surface
etched into you

but you have a smoke
and mellow out
and play the
low notes low notes
lasers lights and twirling

the streets
of Seoul
i wonder what
love looks like
in your world

every week
this paper storm
rings in
you falling in the park
up the road
into your bed
on the floor
beneath your bright lights
bright lights

sunrises on the rooftops
you need a friend
you're thirsty again
from all the dancing

i wonder what
love looks like
in your world


(c) 2010 Stephanie Mma