Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hmm. Thursday.

Lately I've been having some trouble organizing my thoughts. I feel like to just throw something together it wouldn't be my best work or true thoughts. Frustrating, because I want to be sharing from my heart, but I feel like this:
If you've seen that movie (Disney's The Sword In the Stone) it's the scene where Merlin is attempting to pack his entire house and livelihood into the little carpet bag at his feet in this screen capture. And halfway through things get a little messy.

My friend Esther wrote a sweet blog entry on making time for the things you care about. It's nice, and I think I might either check out the book or stop wasting a few minutes here and there on things that I really don't care about. Something decent to think about on Thursdays.

It's coming down to my last few days with my little pup (she is moving to my old roommate S's new place. we adopted her together when we first moved to Atlanta and S was hoping to keep hanging with her. With my sporadic and often spontaneous schedule it is probably best, and pup will have less alone-time this way.) and I thought i'd share a photo of her:
And my favorite worst-best stories. :)

Worst: One night I was home relaxing kept smelling poop. Fresh poop. I cooked dinner and handled several phone calls in this manner, and kept on trying to figure out where the smell was coming from. In the midst of a phone conversation I realized that pup had sharted on me (look it up if you're not sure what that means) and basically flipped out while on the phone w/ my buddy D. D quickly and awkwardly ended the phone conversation and I did some laundry. Oh Bailey.

Best: If you've seen me recently or kept up with me on facebook you've probably already heard the story. Bailey likes to chew on her little gorilla toy (or is it a bear), and I was taking some pictures of her whilst on the phone w/ my mum, because the light was perfect - it was right at sunset. I realized after a few shots that she was falling asleep with her jaws still stuck in the toy. My laughing, talking on the phone, and constant shutter clicks were enough to make her try to open her eyes and stay awake, but not enough to keep her awake and she fell asleep. It was too cute.
Anyway, I will miss my little pup and her waking me up in the morning, and keeping me company when I'm home alone, but I know she's going to be with some awesome peeps who will take good care of her. :)


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