Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mondoetry: medium

inside moving disbelief
a darkbox in the square
make faraways so deafening
for ears in disrepair

looming brightness from a hundred million eyes
urban scrawling up above a hundred million spies
your fears transformed into
a beautiful delight
send off star flights beneath
the lashes holding tight

the others made it real
by drawing colors from still life
popculture caused its deadening
before it had its time

the rumble comes and goes
and the silence stays to deal with
mishap thoughts inside
this drowning dried up pose

swirly beats take form beside the memories
roads traveled laid over inside these enmities
you speak words still unformed
but cannot say a thing
and try to shape the light
into a song to sing

this journey hasn't ended
but has only made its start
expanses lay before the sun
where the open road

winds winds

water water
water for
world inside

Wild garden

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