Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Some Numbers and some fun timewasters!

2: number of times i've woken up before 7am this week
1: number of meetings i completely forgot about
239879: pieces of data i'm trying to juggle (approximate)
7: months until my thesis is due

New Restaurants I've been enjoying:
- Pizzeria Vesuvius: brick-oven pizza, relaxed vibe, and even a ping pong table in the music venue in the basement! Also the yelp page says there is all-you-can-eat pizza and salad from 6-12 on Sundays. WHAT!
- Quickly: newly opened cash-only neighborhood asian snack/food and bubble tea shop. i've tried the royal mlk tea and the taro milk tea, and want to go back to try their little dian-xing menu! First need to stop by the atm...
- The Midway: still a new-ish restaurant. :) standard pub fare, with crazy chicken tenders and a decent burger. And you can get your own tots! The drink selection is pretty good also. And ... I love their outdoor patio - freakin awesome!

What I waste my time reading during the day:
365 New outfits for $365 dollars. So far it seems like only for the ladies but guys you could take inspiration too? maybe?

Reading shmeading. Still Addicted. Evil!

and my favorite bedtime reading: the story of the ages.

Speaking of... it's time to get some work done. :)

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