Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Twenty-Six Things...

...that make me smile.

26. the beach
25. dubstep
24. the top of the mountain
23. downshifting
22. road trips
21. ridiculous sunglasses
20. dadgum good music (the latest being: Hank Hall)
19. wind in my face
18. rooftops
17. summer nighttime
16. humorous street art
15. visual texture
14. vintage guitars
13. an empty house on a rainy day
12. high ceilings
11. stargazing out of the city
10. references to old school video games
9. my favorite pants
8. puppies
7. chubby babies
6. people watching
5. rock climbing
4. long walks on the beltline when no one else is there
3. traveling off the beaten path
2. blank journals
1. being home

In other news... of the slightly creepy genre: one of my good friends has put together this short film... check it out.

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