Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mondoetry: Snippets & Tees


her eyes don't smile
and her mind is somewhere else
at least i'm not the only one tonight

i know you need
to hear from me but i've
wasted all my energy believing you were right

in this calm calamity
while the nations watch
with sympathetic eyes
is this the web of my demise

and all of my tears
are drying me up inside
when all of my fears
are buried in this landslide
there is nothing we can do
we have nowhere left to climb
but these mountains
beneath the ocean

remembered by rhymes
or have we stepped outside of time

(c) 2011 Stephanie Mma

* tribute to the tsunami and earthquake victims from the past weeks, the latest being the one which happened in Japan.
* donate to relief efforts through the American Red Cross here:


for some not-so-somber news. I had the privilege and opportunity to help out the owner of a sweet t-shirt company, Sock Monkee, with their new 2011 spring designs via being in some shots for the Look Book. The shirts are sweet and have a nostalgic jetsons/retro/spacey comic feel to the designs and .. well .. they're pretty awesome. You just have to look and see. (psst that's not me in the pic but i think that shirt is my fave.)

Check out the new Sock Monkee designs here: and get you some Sock Monkee t-shirts!!!!!!!!!!

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