Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Feud for your Thoughts

So the past two weeks have been pretty crazy. In one part of my life things have started to clear up and at times I feel like I am moving into a place where I can breathe a little and focus a little more on the tasks at hand.

In another part of my life I have started to remember what it's like to be vulnerable to being hurt by the people you care about. Nothing that has happened per se, but it was one of those situations where, if I could speak metaphorically, you reach eagerly for the rose and feel a little thorn and it makes you extra careful in the future handling situations, at least until you get relaxed again and grab too quickly again... It's been awhile since I walked in this and it's difficult to not let myself shrink back when I think about the potential for wounded-heart whether or not you were wounded by another on purpose... I'm not one to rush into anything but I'm also not very casual about relationships, of any kind.

You are loved.

Is a "soul mate" is really what I think it is? Or is there a little naievete on my part needs to be dealt with?

In other, less-serious and less-introspective news, last week the local grocer was having the 10 for $10 sale on my favorite drink. I know you don't have to buy ten to get the discount but I did anyway. And I enjoy it so much I am willing to do some blatant product advertisement for it.

Also there is a new member of the family that I'll have to introduce very sooon. No not like that. This is the four-wheeled kind. :) And I am really liking the as-yet-to-be-named beauty. Hopefully i'll get a shot in time for the FridayFoto but we'll see. :)

Latest obsession (besides the car): Supakitch and koralie paint a freaking wall. Their websites are, respectively: here and here. I aspire to that level of creativity!!!!! *falls over* Thanks to Vmoney for showing me that!

Parting thoughts:
If you could only do one thing for the rest of your life what would that be (professionally, barring "im not qualified" etc. assume you are qualified and able.)?


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