Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mondoetry: Wayfarer

never fear that you’ll be swept up in the mainstream
no, your feet are planted far too firmly for that
when the air I breathe feels like its jumping down my throat
the arm I see and I’m holding onto

days stretch out
long nights are cold alone
I might be flying
who knows where
your heart’s my second home

seem to see you through rose colored glasses that you gave me
when they’re gone you haven’t changed
we could still pick up from the spot I saw you last
before your magic is all caught up in the spotlight

days stretch out
long nights are musicless
I might be dying, sighing
who knows where
I could lay my soul to rest

the rush I wonder if I’m heading where I ought to be
a general direction that you’re waiting there for me
when the life I have feels like strongest riptide
you’re the rock I’m holding onto

days grow old
long nights are longer still
I might be crying
who knows where
love and life begin at all

*Author note: sometimes my past self astounds me. I wrote this in early 2003 and there has been no editing. originally it didn't have a title but i gave it one because i don't like to use the title "Untitled". it is hard to believe that was already over 7 years ago!

(c) 2003 Stephanie Mma

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