Thursday, September 30, 2010


I've started about 5 different posts now and thrown away each of them. Well except for this one. This week has been a bit stressful on many levels, not just academically, which is usually the case. The 4am fire alarm going off in my building resulted in me wanting to crawl back in bed, and then sitting in my place and watching out the window to see when the fire truck would show up. Roommate was smart and exited the building.

In college I did the same thing once, except that after about 5 minutes I started to smell smoke. This was when my brain told me, "maybe you should check outside, hmm?" so I did, and the entire hallway was full of smoke. By this time everyone else had left the building, so I walked out into the hall and to the main staircase. It looked like the apocalypse had struck. (well not really but in my mind it seemed like I was the only one left and the zombies had taken everyone, but not until after a bomb-filled and flame-thrown all-out war, in the dorm stairwell) There was trash and a light grey dust everywhere, and dust was in the air, mixed with a lot of smoke....

I made it outside unscathed and joined the non-zombie, non-burnt-to-a-crisp students huddling in the cold. It turned out that some students had gone off to college not knowing how to use a microwave.

Maybe my danger-dash mechanism doesn't work. It might be good to check on that. On many levels. Perhaps being distracted from everything by everything else makes it difficult to hear what God and everyone else has to say to me.

Intentionality used to be a key part of my motivation for anything that I did. There needs to be more of it though. Lots more of it. Lately it seems this is missing, perhaps from purposeful squelching to protect my own heart, or from leaving off at whatever has succeeded in distracting me because I am afraid I will miss out on something great.

Fun thoughts for the rest of your week.

I am a huge fan of street art, artsy graffiti, and urban murals, etc.
This is a short and interesting commentary on one girl's art and message in Paris.

Photo of the day: In honor of the rain we had yesterday.

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