Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Poem

I will try to do this weekly, because sometimes you just can't wait for the inspiration. Sometimes it needs to be drawn out and hewn from a large block of misshapen nothing. With a sledgehammer and a chainsaw.


This is an old poem:

January 2004

walk through the years with me
to see the things you but glanced over
step back in time with me
and we can learn together
the things I wanted to learn all those days ago
and its not too late
to discover your greatness
when once I would have fallen
here I have not
here I have stopped and remembered
and it might have been you
who saved me

what failure becries
the fallen are beautiful
when they have learned to fly
when they have learned to cry
about and here and there
I can but mimic what I see
I can but repeat
your words
over and over in my mind
oh follow me
walk in the footsteps you showed me to find
and look at the light
you taught me to follow
know what trails I found
could take me far away

and its then
and its now
if you were to let go
if you were to let me go

heaven only knows
heaven only knows
where the wind blows.

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